Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Ol' Wood

With a focus on using reclaimed wood whenever possible, The Old Wood Co. hand-makes amazing modern, industrial pieces while paying close attention to and respecting the wood itself. Using classic American species, American Chestnut and oak, they truly get the most out of the grain. Keeping one eye on sustainability and the other on style, The Old Wood Co. manufactures its pieces in its "Woodshop" in Asheville, NC. (All images courtesy of The Old Wood Co.)

Friday, July 29, 2011


OK, so well-designed + made in America (often) = pricey. So we have decided to dedicate Fridays to wallet-friendly products. Today, the special company is Okabashi Shoes. Not only have they been made in Buford, GA for 25 years, but they are 100% recyclable, vegan-friendly, guaranteed for two years, and start at $14.99!!! Oh, and they are adorable too. Get some before summer is over.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haus of clay

Second generation ceramicists Jason Coleman and wife Megan Coleman, joined forces (he on the creative side, she the business) to create Clayhaus Tile. A relatively new venture making handcrafted tile in Portland, OR, Clayhaus (the name is a nod to the Bauhaus movement) makes gorgeous, modern tile in a truly pleasing palette.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Almost a shame to walk on it

With incredible care taken to reflect the character of the wood in each of their many flooring options, Homerwood Floors offer a huge range of hardwood floors, including Amish hand-scraped (literally), smoked specialties, and reclaimed. Milled in the Appalachian region, in Titusville, PA, these premium floors come in extra wide widths and longer lengths compared to most flooring options.  Their Amish hand-scraped flooring is crafted by local Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmen, truly by hand, plank by plank.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Consider the balance struck

Designer and founder of Balanced Design, Melinda Fox, set out to make eco-friendly, colorful, modern textiles and rugs, and to make them in the USA. Tired of the beiges and grays of "green" products, she took it upon herself to shake things up. And she has with fun, funky, colorful pillows, rugs, pouches and fabrics, soon to be available for purchase from here site, but currently carried at a number of stores across the country. And everything is made in America; their studio is in Providence, their manufacturing happens in Massachusetts and their rugs, though 100% New Zealand Wool, are also made in the US of A. Well Balanced indeed.

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Modern American Blacksmiths"

With styles that vary from traditional, to modern, Hubbardton Forge Lighting is hand-forged with an eye for form, attention to detail, and respect for the materials. Sold at your local lighting dealer or online through a variety of sites, this Vermont blacksmithing based lighting company that has been around since 1974. According to their site, "Today, Hubbardton Forge is the oldest and largest commercial forge in the country with a team of over 200 people creating hand-forged lighting."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Made Maine-ly With Care

Few companies project as much pride as Quoddy Shoes. Pride in their craftsmanship, in their history, and in the place they work and create. As they say on their site, "Made in Maine is more than a geographical statement.  It’s an embrace of our heritage and an affirmation of our community. " They go on to explain that the very building they work in has housed shoe companies since 1800. The company is in an area of Maine where the Passamaquoddy once lived and worked. They too were known for their shoe-making. And it was their "approach using a full leather wrap around the foot and stitching it all together by hand was the inspiration for the footwear [Quoddy founder] Harry Smith Shorey sat down to make in 1909." Thanks to Jill at Cherbourg Vintage for the tip!

Artisinal jeans

You heard us right. Artisinal jeans. That is the cause of jeans company Raleigh Denim in North Carolina. Proud of their state's history as the "Mainstay of Great American Denim," before most manufacturing moved overseas. Now they are on a mission to bring that tradition back to life using a small team of American craftsmen and local materials. I like their style.

With a muu muu here...

Modern, adorable, fresh furniture for your kid's room or nursery that's also made in the US? Too much to ask, you say. Not possible, you say. On the contrary says muu founder (who is also parent, woodworker and entrepreneur) Robert Kwak. An eco-minded, design-driven, pro-American made company, muu makes furniture for kids that parents love too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"The softer side of indistructible"

Proudly emblazoned on AT-95's website is the quote "A new American Industrial Revolution." That pretty well sums up their philosophy. With only a few select pieces of industrial, retro, exquisitely made furniture, AT-95 has concentrated on what they do best and kept it simple. Tables, industrial carts, chairs and stools. Cast iron bases, all "Designed and Built in Middle America."

Simply done right

Sometimes the simplest idea, done right, can be the best idea. That is the case for Field Notes, a that's too broad...notepad and writing implement company out of Portland OR and Chicago. That's right. They make notepads and pencils and pens and that's it. But it is that simplicity, both in what they sell and in their design that we so admire. With whimsical special editions like this year's County Fair Series available in a 50 state pack, or the Dry Transfer _________ Edition where the front is left blank and you can put your own title on it, or the American Trademan Edition with graph paper and a carpenter pencil.

Luscious hand-made tile

If you love color, you love a tile store. Like a candy store for grown-ups picking tile can be the most fun part of a renovation. But if you want to feel good about the tile you choose AND get something stunning, look no further than laNeva Artisan Tile, in Minneapolis. They make 12 beautiful lead-free colors in 9 sizes, all made by hand, all made in America. They also have a new line of tiles called the Rift Series, in which each tile has 2 glaze colors. The effect is dreamy. All the tiles have the look and character of handmade tiles, which adds so much to a wall or floor.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It doesn't get much bigger than this

Knoll owns and operates four factories in North America: East Greenville, Pennsylvania; Grand Rapids and Muskegon, Michigan; and Toronto, Ontario. They also manufacture some pieces in Italy. So they are not 100% American made, but mostly. And they are such a huge American modern design G-I-A-N-T, we could not ignore them. (They have their own museum. I mean come on.)  Beyond the icons, like the Barcelona chair, Bertoia lounge, Wassily chair, Saarinen table, (the list goes on and on) there are many, MANY other amazing pieces for office or home, even kids spaces. Not to mention textiles!