Thursday, July 21, 2011

Made Maine-ly With Care

Few companies project as much pride as Quoddy Shoes. Pride in their craftsmanship, in their history, and in the place they work and create. As they say on their site, "Made in Maine is more than a geographical statement.  It’s an embrace of our heritage and an affirmation of our community. " They go on to explain that the very building they work in has housed shoe companies since 1800. The company is in an area of Maine where the Passamaquoddy once lived and worked. They too were known for their shoe-making. And it was their "approach using a full leather wrap around the foot and stitching it all together by hand was the inspiration for the footwear [Quoddy founder] Harry Smith Shorey sat down to make in 1909." Thanks to Jill at Cherbourg Vintage for the tip!


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