Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Brooklyn Tradition

A couple in Brooklyn started Hammersmith Copper Cookware out of a love for cooking, an appreciation for the durability and efficiency of copper, and an interest in bringing the glory of what they considered the best cookware to the public. After searching for some time to find copper cookware made in the states, they found it "hasn't been made in America for over a generation, but the last of it was made right here in Brooklyn." A series of happy accidents lead them to Jeff Herkes and his Bushwick shop, who at that time was fabricating the parts needed to restore the HighLine elevated rail line turned public park. "Jeff had acquired all the old chucks and other tooling for the Waldow line of copper cookware when he bought his fabricating shop in the 1980s. It was all there, along with the metal-working talent, ready to be resurrected."

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  1. Oh, copper cookware. I only own one piece (so far) but one of my fond New York memories is my first trip to Zabar's, going upstairs and gazing at all the copper in a habitat that seemed much more legit than Williams-Sonoma, years later, where I nearly choked when I saw the price underneath the lid.