Monday, September 26, 2011

Q: What do skateboarders and cooks have in common?

 A: If they're using Epicurean cutting boards, they're both cutting it up on the same durable material. Sister company to Loll Designs (see our article about them here) Epicurean was founded in 2003 by TrueRide, a custom skate park manufacturer in Duluth, Minnesota. They used the excess material they had to create home food prep surfaces. Commercial kitchens had long ago discovered the durability of the material, so this was a natural next step. We especially love this series, called the Designer Series, for its adorable patterns and the built-in way to keep track of which board you use for raw meats and poultry, versus the one you want to cut your kids veggies on. They have tons more to choose from, check out their selection here and buy them directly from their website or from a store near you.

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