Monday, September 12, 2011

Smart storage

Every home needs more storage. It is an ongoing quest. Look no further, Housefish has made the solution easy. This awesome little furniture start-up has developed "a highly modular storage system that ships flat and assembles easily- the only tool you need is a hammer. The parts are cleverly joined into an exceptionally strong structure by machined aluminum tenon keys. The wood is sustainably harvested, FSC certified maple or walnut plywood, finished with a zero VOC finish. Key is our effort to redefine what sustainable, green, modern furniture can be. Available with optional sliding powdercoated metal doors in a wide variety of colors. Key packaging is 100% paper-based and contains no plastic." WOW! And it is all manufactured in Denver, Colorado, not to mention great looking.
P.S. Shipping is free to the US. You've GOT to love these guys.

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