Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ants in your Pants?

The classic look of work pants never goes out of style. Rugged, simple, and just a little bad ass. But if you are a woman, one with a few feminine curves, those men's styles never quite fit right. That's why I love this little company, Red Ants Pants, started by outdoor enthusiast, Sarah Calhoun. (The name comes from a little piece of trivia: in ant colonies, women do all the work.) They make work pants for women, genius! Here is their explanation of how they solved the fit problems with existing work pants on the marketplace. They use cotton duck which is dyed and sent to Seattle where the manufacturers can proceed to cut out the patterns and sew the pants. The pants are then shipped to Headquarters in Montana. Gentlemen, if you are feeling left out, Red Ants Pants says although these pants are made for a woman, men often like them too.

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